Credit Facilities

Credit Facilities


Our Mission is to provide customized solutions to meet the individual credit requirements of the customers enhancing the capacity to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the cargo and travel industry.

Our professionalism and expertise characterizing our 30 year presence in the industry, combined with our close cooperation with all the shipping companies, our monitoring of the changes in the market and in particular, our complete understanding of our customers' needs, have given us the ability to provide credit facilities to our customers specially

fitted to individual needs. Greca has managed to gain confidence and find the optimal transport solution for them thanks to its professional staff, hi-tech equipment, a system of complete accountability designed to meet the individual requirements of the industry and, finally, a very simple credit approval procedure.

Our Services:

  • Complete accountability for all charges.
  • Customized solutions for the funding of our services.
  • Support of ferry booking activities on a monthly basis.
  • Meeting of corporate and individual travel needs.
  • Ability to finance fueling, traction, storage, and emergency breakdown.
  • Provision of cash advances to drivers upon request

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