Trucking Services

Trucking Services


Our mission is the effective intervention in order to meet the standard and ad-hoc requirements of the trucking industry, not only for the individual but also for the corporate trucker.

Motorway Tolls 

With Greca you can travel across the greatest part of the European motorway network using post-payment tickets, gaining access to discounts and compensated reductions stipulated respectively by the individual companies providing the service and by the regulations in force. Moreover, you can take advantage of simplified administrative and control management.

In particular, we are ready to support you in managing the new French eco-tax as efficiently as possible, thanks to the new on-board units, which are essential for the new electronic toll system.

Our Company

Drawing on our more than 30 year experience in servicing the trucker for all his trans-Adriatic transportation needs, we have applied the expertise of our high-calibre management team, our experienced multilingual sales staff and our competent support staff and created an efficient network extending beyond the port of Patras, which will serve the trucker during his over-land travel.

Our reputation in the field has led to co-operations with equally reputable companies engaged in the overland service of truckers throughout Europe.

And all this, with the just one simple click...

Our Services:

  • Traction and Parking services for trucks and trailers.
  • Refueling, Lubricating and Washing facilities on main road routes in Greece.
  • FUEL CARD "AS 24" for all EU member states and VAT discount for fuel purchases in France.
  • Selected Repair Points for minor truck repairs and Roadside Assistance.
  • Insurance cover for drivers against minor theft.
  • Hospital services in case of emergency.
  • Forwarding and Storage of groupage cargo upon request.
  • Passage for the FREJUS TUNNEL and MONTE BIANCO TUNNEL TOLLS for Spain, Portugal, France(CALPIS) and Italy.
  • LEGAL ASSISTANCE within the Greek territory.

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